ugg so popular mainly due to its excellent heat retention

ugg so popular mainly due to its excellent heat retention. ugg warm good or bad depends on raw materials, various versions of the domestic market UGG chaotic variety of materials, but the main points are the following:

1, suede surface + fake fur lining

The material is made of flannel plus a layer of synthetic hair, poor materials, poor ventilation.

2, leather surface + blended wool

Currently on the market more material, blended wool mixed up to 70 percent more fiber, reducing the warmth and breathability.

3, domestic sales wool one 2-3 grade

Although this is a “fur” material, has been relatively close to the genuine material, but can not be used in 2-3 grade meet export standard sheep wool, leather is quite soft and thin do not wear wool 1.8MM shorter than the standard sparse .

4, domestic exports of a fur

This fur quality is counter UGG sale material, even thick leather, wool thick creamy, about length 1.8MM (deviation less than 2MM) wool smells vaguely unique fragrance, hot foot feeling no sense of warm air, with high-quality pure wool having breathability, warmth, moisture resistance and health of the four advantages.

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How to identify the kind of ugg snow boots

How to identify the kind of ugg snow boots:

1. from the price. Because ugg expensive raw materials, is produced in Australia made into the whole lambskin, fur one, sole also has a special structure, even if the ex-factory price ugg production plants will not be a two hundred, at this point please mm we must remember that those “got you the price” to buy back the ugg is absolutely fake.

2. From the color terms. Genuine ugg, color is very positive, ugg colors prevail on the official website and the color and the outside color of the interior is the same fur.

3. From the point of shoes. Quite delicate touch the surface of the soft shoes is also more delicate fine. Very neatly inside the plush, length of uniform density, feel very soft and comfortable, very comfortable light wearing. Importantly, will feel after wearing light, no sense of weight. Quite warm.

4. From shoe is constructed.

1) The inner boots sewn inside the washing also marked (above style, name, number, material, code number, origin, etc.)

2) code label affixed to the side of the box (above marked with style name, number, color, code number, men’s or women’s)

The same part 3) into the shoes to be consistent, the color pattern to be consistent, toe length, the latter to help low to be consistent.

4). Uppers sewing lines are basically the same, no jumpers, missing pin, disconnected.

5) inside and outside the shoes clean, smooth, no shrinkage.

6) .UGG have ‘R’ logo on the soles of registration and must have ugg mark.

7) Brand .ugg traditional shoes after heel (ugg TM) slippers, shoes, home trademark machine printed on the shoe leather.

8). All products are handmade works ugg

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UGG cleaning a light-colored

UGG cleaning a light-colored, light-colored ugg include beige, gray, beige, pink, sky blue, ugg upper, if not special stains dirty and not clean enough, then use ordinary water and a soft brush or cleaning and natural dry! If you hit a good cleaning of stubborn stains, then use the transparent fluid and a soft brush is best to air dry; 2, a light-colored ugg boots section, care methods, like this section of the shoe, but be aware It is not to wring too hard and cause ugg deformed in dried to 80% of the time must pay attention to shape, or wrinkle ugg, general cleaning will not soak into the water wash the whole shoe, shoe brush, It dries quickly. 3, light-colored fur UGG, UGG care methods such as white fur.

Three, UGG cleaning a dark, dark ugg include brown or brown, black, red, etc. Upper: This type of care methods with the same light, but it is important to note that that must not containing bleach ingredients detergents. 2. Part boots: care methods with the same light. Still can not use detergent containing bleach component. 3, dark UGG Infant: care method with light, can not use detergent containing bleach component.

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UGG white wash

1, upper parts: the upper is the easiest dirty place, use white toothpaste, water, soft brush and then to dry naturally. If the colored portion soap or detergent, then there will make ugg staining affects the appearance, so the use of toothpaste is the best choice, and to the kind of white toothpaste.

2, boots section: This section of the cleaning method with the same vamp, the difference is to bubble to the water wash, or dry naturally, in about 80% of the dry time to pay attention to stereotypes about boots, otherwise it will wrinkling, but under normal circumstances it is fine.

3, plush section: This section use colorless transparent liquid washing, rubbing gently with water and then gently twist off the water last natural drying, or 80% of the dry, used a small comb hair and hairy to hairy stereotypes, and finally to dry naturally. ugg expensive to be treated with care and nursing.

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Maintenance of UGG

Maintenance of UGG

A: ugg sheepskin ugg sheepskin care brush special cleaning brush equipped with soft care, first brush the dust ugg boots gently brush the surface and then use the clean soft, ugg wool one of the leather, wearing a day ugg out, the boots will certainly be exposed to a lot of dust and dirt and the like, after arriving home, take off your shoes, first with care brush to dust on the surface, it is better from top to bottom of the brush, brush a few times the best , ugg care brush feature is easy to wear the sheep’s clothing, if there is especially dirty place to wipe back and forth, and then with a special soft Cawan after the scrub.

Two: ugg special care brush Usage: gently wipe along the bottom edge of the dust ugg snow boots, wool but relatively speaking some hard, then the boots dirty part of the seating arrangement surface, this club is easier to clean, but If there is a relatively dirty place to wipe back and forth to know becomes clean.

Three: genuine UGG special cleaning care package produced genuine UGG special cleaning care package, adopted the American ugg official company specially developed patented formula, which contains microcrystalline skim decontamination ions, and then there supporting the UGG special shoe brush, so that the clean-up even more so that of ugg ugg leather wear to a minimum, so that a ugg boots Woon, and effectively extend the service life of ugg. Four: the use of a special brace UGG boots ugg boots sheet remain so what is the best size is very precious ugg boots best way is to put it? Sheepskin one material has a natural soft features, not as upright as ordinary boots, therefore, UGG snow boots frame sheet can make your shoes upright type, so do not worry about the boots become type aliasing!

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